Hollywood celebrity coach, Author, Producer, Global Peace leader & Philanthropist
Dame Dr. Munni Irone the founder of Art 4 Peace Awards. She founded this organization at the end of 2015 with the encouragement of Rebecca holden and Joel diamond. She  got her registration in 2015 in January 2016, she did her first peace conference with over 30 global peace leaders from around the world in New Jersey. Dame muni has never raised any funds, everything is funded by herself. She has done numerous events, tree planting ever since. She is a global peace leader, working in seven countries including her country the Us. She is working hard to create jobs and tourism, via her Wisdomland project and art for peace awards project. These are her community projects not hers.
She is a survivor of domestic violence and bullying. Her Ex-husband’s abuse helped her find her purpose. She did not retaliate, instead, she helped his new family and made sure her kids know their father. J. Khrisna Murti who was like her father, assisted her to run and wake up to find her life and listen to her calling of her conscious during her meditation.
Her second husband, raised both her kids and they both are successful kids today. Her purpose in life to build a five star, self-sustainable shelter for men, women, children, and animals. She cannot die unless her job is done on this planet. Now, by the grace of her lord, she has land in the US, Nigeria and in India.  She wants no financial gain. She wants to install think positive world program, build statue of responsibility in her wisdomlands around the world. Anyone can invest or donate, just be a part of global history. She is a real giver born just to serve. She has been meditating since age seven, her total lifestyle allows her to be fit, to surrender, to stay in the moment and to serve.

Statue of Responsibility

Think Positive World

Please check out their Positive News.
Here are a few people who are making a positive change with her:

  1. His Imperial Majesty King OONI (Global Peace Leader)
  2. Baba Ram Dave/ Acharya JI (Global Peace Leader)
  3. Ammaji  (Global Peace Leader)
  4. Dr, Samir Tleel (The Vice President of Art 4 Peace Awards)
  5. Sri Sri Ravi Shanker  (Global Peace Leader)
  6. RatanTata (Supporter of Peace and Love)
  7. Pope Francis (Supporter of Peace and Love)
  8. Rebecca Holden (initiating the concept of a4p awards)
  9. Joel Diamond (initiating the concept of a4p awards)
  10. Carmelita Pitman (Contributor of a4p)
  11.  Cantor Esterleon Schwartz (Contributor of a4p)
  12. Rabbi David Barren (Contributor of a4p)
  13. Pepper Jay  (Contributor of a4p)
  14. Prince Ali  (Contributor of a4p)

According to Dame Munni Irone, a lot of issues can be resolved in the world with WISDOM. We are so advanced in technology and yet so backward in WISDOM. These projects are for profit to support the shelter. Some quotes are under WISDOM button. She has served her students, family, Hollywood and Bollywood without any compensation or reward for the last 40 years and still continues to serve. In her school, she took battered women, men, and people from rehab, tutored her students complimentary, and paid her husband tuition of many students so they come to her schools.  Her husband has no knowledge about her work she was doing behind his back. He was her best friend and he only wants to serve his own family. She envisioned to create jobs for the Vietnamese refugees. Her friends were the voices and were able to pass three legislation in CA and created a multi-billion dollar nail and skin care industry. She won 75 trophies and 35 medallions in the beauty industry. Her students won the hair Olympics four times.
She is a TV host and an author of seven books. Her last book GET BALANCE in videos on YouTube. GET BALANCE -DAME MUNNI IRONE.
Dame Munni Irone wants to thanks Rebecca Holden, Joel Diamond, and Samir Tleel.